Zazen Meditation Experience ≪Encounter with a Waterfall for Mental Concentration≫


Inawashiro Town (Tatsuzawa Fudo Waterfall)

Available season

Late April to November

*Decide when to hold the event in consideration of the climate (due to the snow, it may not be possible to reach the depths). *Basically on weekdays (since there are many tourists on weekends and it is difficult to secure a private space). We are considering putting up signs with messages such as “Please be quiet during the Zazen meditation experience” (temporarily only during the experience). *Early mornings and evenings might be an option (schedules to be coordinated with Zazen meditation instructor).


You can experience a digital detox through zazen meditation at Tatsuzawa Fudo Waterfall, a popular and beautiful waterfall located in a secluded area where a statue of Fudo is enshrined at its base. The majestic greater waterfall, with its water flowing down like bamboo blinds along the rock surface, makes a beautiful contrast with the graceful smaller waterfall, which sits quietly to the west.In the seasons of fresh greenery and autumn leaves, why not experience the mysterious world through Zazen meditation?

Sales price per person (tax included)

3,750 yen

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